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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

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On Nov 1 this blog will start having anime related posts appearing.

Friday, September 28, 2007

23 Things - #23 The End, or at least a pause

Wow, finally made it, what wit h the mad dash up to this point. It has been fun and interesting. I liked checking out these sites I have never heard of and learning about terms I had only heard of in passing. I think I will have to spend a week playing on LibraryThing in the very near future, and wonder if there version of it for video and not simply books.
I think I walk away from the program a little more in touch with contemporary Internet users who have more time on their hands then I do sift through all their favorites sites on a daily basis. As I said once before I like the idea of RSS feeds and the like, but at least for me I don't go to enough sites in a day to require such a device but knowing how to use one should help work with library patrons who need to know.
I think that there could be more guidance with this program. In almost every exercise we are told simply to play and explore on the site but honestly I would have preferred more definitive tasks to help show us all the features the sites have to offer. I grant that letting people look for themselves is a great idea but sometimes being shown an example of something works better.
If another opportunity like this came along in the near future I would probably check what we would be looking at, and how before deciding to join simply because I would have liked more direction on some of the tasks.
Overall I had fun and enjoyed learning about these Web 2.0 sites. I think some of them are utter crap, at least for me, and as such may never go back to them again. But overall in the long term I think I will continue to use some of the sites from this program and will be looking forward to the opportunity like this.

23 Things - #22 Gutenberg on Overdrive

Ahh online libraries, how cool. So looking at Overdrive I find it very cool, in terms of who they are partnered with to provide both books, audio, and video. I also forgot how challenging it was to actually get onto the consortium site from the 23 things page. This means they have a very nice selection and checking out the materials seems easy enough. My only concern would be the software and the fact that I really don't like sitting in front of my computer that long, and lacking an MP3 player probably not my cup of tea just yet. Now if only they would get some better video downloadables.
Project Gutenberg was interesting, in what they are doing with the ability to download entire CDs full of content for the purpose of burning, and the fact that all of the material is off of copyright. Or rather the material is no longer copyright controlled....why can't I think of the right term? I liked the idea of offering up a CD ISO worth of material but as most the material is 75+ years old some of it seems almost comical compared to contemporary material but still very cool. Gutenberg could also use a better search tool as I had a hard time trying to use it, but it may have been my error. Still fun sites.

23 Things - #21 Podcasts

Ahh Podcasts, such an interesting take on radio for the internet age. I actually do occassionally listen to a few podcasts but often those times are few and far between. The suggestion I would have would be Anime World Order. The show has a couple of wonderful hosts and covers everything under the sun with a specialty towards reviewing older/out of print titles. It is a fun hour long show and helps on those long car trips to conventions.
Of the poscast searches I liked Yahoo Podcasts the best given the ease of use, the review tab for each of the sites found, and the summary of each of the found sites. Podcast.net was similar in style but I found Yahoo was simply easier and had more sites. I really disliked PodcastAlly given it simply gave you titles for the podcasts with no idea what they were about.
I like podcasts but as I still don't own and MP3 player or want to hook up my computer to a stereo I think I shall continue to pass on listening to these things on a regular basis. And that actually is a concern because you do need an MP3 player to easily use a podcast unless you like sitting in front of your computer for a lengthy period of time. Just my 2 cents.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

23 Things - #20 YouTube


The above link is for the "Potter Puppet Pals - The Mysterious Ticking Noise" video on YouTube. This is the third of the Potter Puppet Pals skit and the first one with actual puppets rather than the flash version they used initially. I like the video because it is an interesting twist on the joke first done on Homestar Runner with the idea of spoken Rave Music.
But the video also helps show the interest in YouTube and user generated content because before this site existed think how hard it would be to set this sort of video up and have people find it.
The idea of having a video review site for books would be very attractive. The concern is that it is not maybe the best idea. I grant it worked for Reading Rainbow but maybe video is not the best place for this, and a simple podcast would be better. Of course you could also make a video tour video of each library this way, to help aclimate staff who are being moved to a new location before their first day there. Just an idea, but I do really find YouTube a great fun site occassionally.